Reviews for From 9 to 5

‘Anne Wyeth shows us that Solomon Isarebe is still a man for our age: an iconoclast; a free thinker; an intellectual revolutionary. Miss this book at your peril.’

Beryl Ashant, The Independent Guardian, June 2150

‘Wyeth is an extraordinary biographer; human and present, but always leaving her subject as the star of the show. And what a star she has rediscovered in Solomon Isarebe.’

Asa Fordam, South China Times , June 2150

‘Are you going to buy this one? A book on economics, demography and a spectral misanthrope?  Perhaps if I also mention it is about murder, love and the very survival of the planet, you might sit up and take notice. You should. Wyeth has written a blinder.’

The Guilty Pleasurist, June 2150

‘I’m not sure I would have gone out for a beer with Solomon Isarebe, but I would have trusted him with my life. Anne Wyeth has written the definitive work on this 21st century genius.’

Wing Cody, Washington and New York Post, June 2150

‘This book was sold to me as the book accompanying the forthcoming exhibition ‘From 9 to 5’. It is so much more. Buy it for the photos alone.

Marya Mastri, American Curator, May 2150

‘Don’t expect an easy read. It is dense, disturbing, dark and at times intellectually challenging, but it finally leads you in to the light – in to the mind and imagination of Solomon Isarebe.’

Doctor Siouxsie Rix, Psychologist Thinking, June 2150

‘I have Anne Wyeth on App-rise, whether she is delivering a speech, appearing on a panel, curating a show or publishing one of her little gems (she evens write poetry, g*@dam it!). She is a peach and From 9 to 5 is a melba.’

Hattie McGormand, May 2150

‘This is not a book for a single sitting, unless you are a literary masochist. Spread the pleasure over time, like jam over fresh bread.’

Jazz the Jazz, Superstyle Literary Review, June 2150

‘Solomon Isarebe is possibly the most irritating person to have stepped on God’s earth, but unfortunately one of the most important too. I guess you’d better read this.’

Kevan Disman, The New Jewish Chronicle, May 2150

‘I rate most books on writing style, originality, mind-stretching-ness and how many times I laugh out loud. This book scores zero on the last, but 10/10 on everything else.’

Beti Jakobsdóttir, Universal Interstitiality, June 2150

‘Anne Wyeth reminds us how much has changed between 2050 and 2150, but also how much in the human realm will forever remain the same. A minor triumph.’

Stanza Schmidt, The North Western Post, June 2150

‘And then there was love. Wyeth has made me fall in love with Arem Johns all over again. I would have been so much better for her than that beast Solomon Isarebe!’

Salma Devine, Irish Art Today, June 2150

‘Solomon Isarebe was the most optimistic pessimist who ever lived. Anne Wyeth’s biography reminded me how much we need such contrarians.’

Jonny Williams-Ward, Deep Reading, June 2150

‘I was never convinced Solomon Isarebe was much of an economist, but he was a helluva politician, even though I don’t think he realised it. Thank you Solomon. Thank you Anne.’

Zoo Capelli, World Economic Affairs, May 2150