Anne Wyeth

Anne Wyeth (b.2091) is an economic historian, curator and commentator.

Her books include: The End of Christian Monetarism, described by The New Technonomist as ‘a book on economics that almost bears reading to the end’; Isarebe and the Myth of Genius, which was runner-up in the biography section of the McKellick Prize in 2136 and As easy as 1-2-43, an introduction to economics for the under 14s, which won the Eileen Hammer Award for Children’s Non-Fiction in 2142. She is also the author of a well-received collection of poetry, entitled Crows Circling the Bell.

A former Vice-President of the British Economic Society and a Distinguished Fellow of American Economics, she has been a contributing editor to the Pan-American Economic Review for the past twenty-eight years. She is Professor of Economic History at Cambridge University and a Fellow of St Aubrey’s College.

She has co-curated many exhibitions on economics and prominent economic figures, including shows at the Sovereign British Museum, the American Revel-Smith Institute and the International Harmony Museum in Shanghai.

Married to the sculptor Michel Harring, she received the NAA for services to economics in 2148. She spends her time between her homes in Pennsylvania, USA and Cambridge, England.