The company was formed in 2019, initially providing technical and publishing services to artists, including making prototypes and producing catalogues and books to accompany art exhibitions.

In 2023, it became Coil Press and became known for producing fictional biographies, written by fictional authors. Most of these strange and complex books were written by the artists and collectives for whom they had previously worked.

In the late 2050s, under the guidance of Michelle Birberry, Coil Press moved away from its roots in the artistic community and published more conventional biographies. In 2065, Coil Press published Thinking Killers, by William F. Maurice, which became the top selling biography of the 2060s. This ushered in a period of great success for Coil Press, but Michelle Birberry insisted the company stayed small, focussing on quality not quantity.

This ethos remains and Coil Press is still the home of high quality biographies of great academic and intellectual figures. In 2149, Coil Press published celebrated studies of K.L. Marmose, Professor Diffy-May Lee and Minnie Faurster.

In the 2049 Book and Extended Writing Awards, Coil Press was named Best Small Non-fiction Publisher, with head judge Lysa Dublin saying, ‘Coil Press are small in output, but big in mind, and even bigger in heart.’